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Automatic payment methods: What do I need to have them on my betting site?

automatic payment methods on betting site

Since the integration of automatic payment methods like credit cards, PayPal and other e-wallets into betting sites, punters prefer to use them because of their speed and efficiency. It graces both site owners and bettors with a lot of advantages. It prevents privacy and security at its peak.

Automatic payment methods also significantly reduce payment processes while providing the most seamless transactions. However, integrating such methods into betting sites sometimes proves to be a difficult task for some owners. 

This article will talk in-depth about what you need to successfully integrate automatic payment methods on your betting site.

Automatic payment methods: Obtain the necessary documents

The main documents and certificates required are the Certificate of company registration, Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association, the company’s PAN card, Partnership Deed, and your betting company’s bank details.

The first thing you need before integrating payment methods on your betting site is to obtain the necessary documents and certificates. It helps to avoid having issues with the payment gateway service providers. 

In the gambling industry, legality is a major issue that isn’t taken lightly. Anyone operating a betting site with automatic payment without the necessary documents is running it illegally, and depending on your region, the penalty varies.

Obtain a Gaming License

A gaming license for your betting site is very important. Running your betting site without such means you are running something illegal which could attract a serious penalty. Luckily, you don’t need to worry much about the process as the egaming Curacao facilitates the entire process for you so you are ready.

They use a turnkey solution which is a very modern method to build and set up your betting site with the necessary licenses. It is arguably the best step to having a breakthrough on your betting site. Turnkey is not only useful for your payment methods; it also helps with boosting your site traffic, setting up interface and layout and many more.

Add automatic payment methods on your betting site.

Check the payment gateway services your web host offers

You need to assess the type of payment method your web host offers to know the more comfortable one for you and your customers. You can check for the details in the control panel of the web host. Some popular web hosts for your payment gateway services are GoDaddy, FatCow, GreenGreeks, and BlueHost.

A payment gateway is a foundation for the payment method, so the importance cannot be ignored. It serves as a channel for every automatic payment. If the payment gateway is affected, none of your customer’s payments will go through; that is the importance of the gateway for your website. Therefore, to avoid future problems, it is best that you carefully select a web host.

Choose your preferred payment gateway

Hosted and non-hosted are the only types of payment gateway. Hosted payment gateway directs customers from your betting site to another site to get the payment done and then take them back to your site. At the same time, a non-hosted payment allows payment to occur automatically. 

In this case, you want to opt for the non-hosted gateway because it works best for automatic payment methods. Some of the most popular non-hosted payment gateways available include Astropay, Neteller and Skrill.

To get a non-hosted gateway, you would need to process a license and eGaming Curacao facilitates the whole process. Not only will they help you in processing the license, they also help in abiding with the whole methods and strategies to get a non-hosted payment gateway without any hindrance.

Create a merchant account

After choosing your preferred payment gateway, the creation of a merchant account is next. After creating the merchant account, you need to link the payment gateway to allow the payment of the customer directly to your betting company’s bank account. 

The merchant account is greatly protected from fraud because it controls the payment within your website. To avoid issues with misallocation of funds, it is best that you have a merchant account before you start receiving payments on your betting site.

Automatic payment methods: Conclusion

Now, you know all the requirements to have automatic payment methods on your betting site. Bettors consider a number of things before settling for a betting site; amongst all their considerations, automatic payment methods are a major factor.

To save yourself most of the time, the egaming curacao significantly shortens the process for you. Employing the turnkey solution for your betting site would make a huge difference.

There is nothing better for a bettor than being able to withdraw your profits fast and seamlessly; automatic payment methods help with that. The best way to succeed as a betting site and stay long in the business is to satisfy customers and make them happy. Integration of automatic payment methods is one sure way to make your customers happy.

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