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Is the Curaçao license reliable? Learn all about the nº1 gaming license

Do you know if the Curaçao license is reliable?

Yes, Curaçao’s license is reliableand more than that: it is simpler to obtain compared to other licenses and also safer for both players and operators.
The gambling jurisdiction has operated in the country since 1996 and is currently recognized as one of the most stable and reliable. Furthermore, the license applies to all types of gambling-related activities.
In general, the costs to obtain a license for Curaçao are fair and the process is even easier for people or companies from other countries. It is an ideal solution for those who want to remotely manage the activities of their bookmaker and casino.
In addition, licensing is agile, it can be done with the help of a company that provides consultancy during the obtaining process, so the online casino can start operating in the shortest possible time.

Is Curaçao License Reliable: How Does It Work?

It is the license granted by the supervisory body of Curaçao that allows a company to explore gambling, which includes bingo, betting, lotteries and casino games. With it, a company can offer these services from anywhere in the world and to people from anywhere in the world.
Electronic games are part of the Curaçao economy, and the country’s regulatory body is one of the oldest and most versatile in activity. Therefore, by obtaining this license, your business is backed by legality, so you can operate the bookmaker without any problems.

What are your advantages?

In general, Curaçao charges a fee of only 2% of net income and does not apply extraordinary barriers to obtaining a license. If your company has resources and wants to act as a casino, it will likely be approved.
In addition, there are a number of benefits in the process of obtaining the license, of which we can highlight:

Lower costs

When compared to other licenses such as Malta or the Kingdom, the overall costs are much lower, both to obtain and to operate. There are no surprises regarding the amounts to be passed on to the local government and the company can still negotiate future fees with the entities.

Less documentation

Documentation is also simplified when compared to entities in other countries. They are basic documents, without the need to resort to a government agency just to obtain a document.

Greater agility

As seen, the entire process is fast, especially when compared to licenses available in other countries. In general, if everything is ok, in 4 or 5 weeks the site can be up and running if it depends, since the procedures for obtaining the license do not last more than 3 weeks.

Greater security

Although it is simpler, cheaper and the legislation flexible, it is still safe to acquire a license in Curaçao or to bet on casinos that have this type of license. It is important here to have reliable vendors and devices to prevent third-party attacks. Thus, it maintains a strong reputation in the betting market.

What is needed to obtain the license?

Initially, it is necessary to be registered with the Antillean Chamber of Commerce to be able to create an offshore company and have a director residing in the country (the advantage is that the companies that do the intermediation already take care of this step). With this, the company complies with the requirements that only local companies can operate with games.
It is also necessary to prepare supporting documentation for the application, have an electronic address (website) where the business will operate and have a payment intermediary (look for a reliable supplier).

How can a third-party company help?

eGaming Curaçao, for example, will help at all points to obtain the license, help with the documentation and will also provide all the assistance for the creation of the corporate structure.

After all, is it worth investing in the Curaçao license?

Yes, because in addition to all the advantages, it is possible to count on a company that does all the intermediation, such as eGaming Curaçao. She assists in the documentation, opening of the offshore, consulting among other procedures that make the process even safer and faster.
Interested? Get in touch with us, so we can streamline the entire process, indicate the best game providers and help you at every step. Visit the website to learn more.

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