All online bookmakers must have a valid gambling license in order to operate. EGaming Curaçao, through the Curaçao license, provides the resources and technical capabilities for your brand to enjoy a successful performance.

The Curaçao license is one of the oldest, most trusted and influential gambling licenses in the online gaming market. Obtaining an indisputable license like this is essential for any brand, as gambling, together with online bookmakers, is already a reality worldwide.

In this way, a large part of the population seeks in gambling an opportunity to obtain an extra profit to supplement their income, a way to have fun or even to become professional in this environment.Gambling players are increasingly looking for reliability on the sites and bookmakers are increasingly looking to show that they are safe. It’s a perfect match. With an online gambling license, both sides of the coin are satisfied.So if you want to start a bookmaker or improve your existing gambling site, be it for casino or sports betting, the Curaçao license provides the best guarantees on the market.

Owning a Curaçao online gambling license allows your gambling brand to operate globally in several countries around the world. In addition, a bookmaker with this license may conduct activities involving: sports betting, online casino, e-sports, online poker, online lotto, online bingo, live betting, live table games and fantasy games, as well as all other types of gambling.

Curacao license: a way to expand your business

Curaçao is a reference country in relation to gambling jurisdiction. The territory is known for its less bureaucratic licensing process and low corporate taxes.

Curaçao Licence: The complete Guide

Although not all territories are free from bureaucracies like Curaçao, economic freedom is in vogue in all democratic countries in the world. Thus, guidelines on incentives for online gambling, one of the most profitable and emerging markets globally, are in place.

The gambling industry is estimated to generate approximately US$ 500 billion of net revenue per year worldwide, excluding cash prizes and expenses.

With the Curacao license under your brand, you will be able to operate both in notoriously profitable markets and in emerging markets with great opportunities for exploration and consolidation of bookmakers.

Brands with the Curaçao online gaming license can accept players from most countries

With an online gaming license issued in Curaçao, your website will be available to users in most countries around the world. 

Where your betting site can operate with the Curaçao license: 

It is worth mentioning that, even with a Curaçao gambling license, your betting site will not be able to operate in Curaçao; Belize; United Kingdom, USA and several EU countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, that do not accept licensed houses in Curaçao. 

Another relevant point is that, normally, countries that have their own regulations only allow operation from sites licensed in their own country. This occurs, for example, in Portugal, Spain, Colombia and Italy. 

It is undeniable that regardless of jurisdiction, your brand will have restrictions. However, as already mentioned, all bookmakers need to have an online gambling license in order to operate legally and be respected and successful in the market. 

If you need help or need information specific to a country, be sure to contact us. We have experts with deep knowledge to help you. Simply send a contact request by clicking here.

Opportunities found in countries without self-regulation

Operating your online gaming brand with a Curaçao license may also have unique opportunities to publicize your brand through marketing campaigns and sponsorships for football or soccer clubs. 

Countries that do not have their own regulation, such as Brazil and India, showed a strong expansion in the advertising of bookmakers in football or soccer teams and championships, which are effective and inexpensive ways to advertise a bookmaker.

In order to enhance the deposits made at the bookmaker and provide a better gaming experience for the end user, it is important that the site offers local payment methods. 

Identifying the relevant payment methods for each country, as well as the entire compliance and integration process, can be of great complexity for those who are not familiar with the processes. You can count on Egaming Curaçao, who has deep knowledge and experience to take care of everything for your brand. 

Another opportunity worth mentioning is the importance of the bookmaker also working with cryptocurrencies as a deposit method. In addition to being a differential for your brand, users will still be able to make their deposits safely, even if they are both in countries with their own regulation, as well as in those that do not have specific laws for online betting.

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