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Gaming License: The path to success of Pixbet

Pixbet is a Brazilian bookmaker with a focus on sports betting, which, in a short time, has become one of the main gambling sites in the country, sponsoring high-profile football clubs.

Find out in this case study how an Online Gaming License issued with the help of Egaming Curaçao was fundamental for Pixbet to follow its path of success.

Pixbet: The launch of the Bookmaker

At the end of 2019, a representative of Pixbet approached Egaming Curaçao to understand the importance of a gaming license for its operation and what the recommended license would be considering its plan to launch and expand the brand in Brazil.

After analyzing the business plan, as well as checking in detail the specific brand’s scenario, the experts at Egaming Curaçao recommended that the house seek a gaming license issued in Curaçao, as such jurisdiction had several aspects that perfectly aligned with Pixbet needs.

Why a Curaçao gaming license?

The Curaçao online gaming license is indicated, mainly, for startups that are starting their online gambling operation. This is because it is a license that has a lower investment need, in which the issuing process is faster and still has broader coverage, that is, it is not necessary to issue individual licenses for each type of product offered on the website.

Pixbet, since its launch, has always shown itself to be a very aggressive bookmaker regarding its investments in Marketing. For this reason, finding a gaming license that would require less investment was fundamental, since the company’s priority was to use its budget in publicity campaigns and attract customers.

As already mentioned, the Curacao gaming license requires the least investment in the market. This is clear when we compare, for example, with the Malta issued licenses. From an investment point of view, while a Curaçao gaming license with the added Egaming Curaçao service costs from € 25,000, one issued in Malta costs approximately € 60,000.

Another key point is that Pixbet wanted to launch its operation as soon as possible with the licensed website to minimize its risks. Once again, the Curaçao gaming license proved to be the best option, as it is a jurisdiction with a less complex process, and it is possible for the license to be issued within 120 days, provided that all documents are submitted within the established deadlines. 

The communication strategy makes it clear that Pixbet priority is sports betting, but Casino also had great relevance in its business plan. So, considering the plan to offer these two modalities, the Curaçao gaming license was also indicated, since only one license already authorizes the house in both modalities, also enabling the house to offer other gambling games.

Benefits brought by the Curaçao Gaming License

To operate in the betting market it is essential to have the site licensed in at least one jurisdiction, such as: Curaçao, Malta or Isle of Man. Having a gambling license minimizes the risk of the operation, brings more credibility to the site, increases the offer of means of payment and also allows important investments to be made in sponsorships and advertising campaigns.

Pixbet only decided to launch its website commercially after the licensing process in Curaçao was completed. The main reason for this is that operating without a license can bring several problems for those responsible for the operation, such as: risk of closing the site, lawsuits, blocking assets and even imprisonment because without an online gambling license the betting site is operating illegally on the market. 

Being a new player in the Brazilian market, Pixbet would need to do a consistent job to gain the trust of players, and a point widely verified by affiliate sites, for example, is whether the site has the demonstrative seal that it is licensed in some jurisdiction. This seal proves that the licensing process was successfully completed, thus bringing credibility and confidence to the players.

Another critical point for online betting sites is to offer popular payment methods to facilitate depositors making deposits. Pixbet, since its launch, offers its users deposit by pix, boleto, bank transfer, credit card, in addition to digital wallets, which are extremely popular in the betting world. 

These means of payment have one thing in common: they all require that the bookmaker has a gambling license to accept their transactions. That is, without its Curaçao license, Pixbet would not be able to offer all these options to its customers, which would directly impact the revenue generated by the house.

In the growth strategy of Pixbet, since its launch, investments in partnerships and sponsorships of extremely relevant football clubs in Brazil stand out. 

All of these contracts involve large financial amounts to be closed. It is noteworthy that, to deal with contracts of this magnitude, several financial and bureaucratic guarantees are required from both parties. 

In the case of clubs, it is customary for the bookmaker to be required to have a gaming license in Curaçao or other reputable jurisdiction in order for the contract to be signed. In this way, the club has a guarantee that is exposing a brand that follows all financial guidelines and good procedural practices of the betting market in its uniform, shielding itself from possible legal and financial constraints.

And what was the role of Egaming Curaçao?

Egaming Curaçao’s mission is to conduct the entire licensing process for betting sites so that customers can rest easy and focus their energies on their operations. 

The licensing process in Curaçao by Pixbet started with a consultation by our specialists to understand the characteristics and business needs of the brand. Having all the information in hand, Egaming Curaçao presented a detailed work proposal in which the responsibilities of both parties were defined, as well as a work plan with details of expected dates and deliveries. 

With the approval of all points by Pixbet, the licensing process started with the collection and validation of the documents of those involved, filling in the appropriate forms and direct contact with the Curacao gaming commission.

It is worth mentioning that from the signing of the contract, the issuance of the online gaming license was handled by a dedicated and exclusive specialist, whose function is to handle all the licensing stages and to update the customer frequently and in detail on the progress of the process. 

In this way, Pixbet can focus its efforts on planning the launch of its brand in the Brazilian market, which was carried out in 2020, already with the operation licensed in Curaçao and with the licensing seal at the bottom of the site.


The trajectory of Pixbet in the Brazilian market makes clear the importance of having a licensed website in relevant jurisdiction for the success of the operation since the company has become one of the main bookmakers in the country in just over 2 years.

We know that just a gambling license does not guarantee the success of the betting site, but it is unlikely that Pixbet could have achieved such positive results if it were susceptible to risks for operating illegally, did not have the credibility brought by the license, did not offer the main payment methods and was not able to close partnerships and sponsorships to publicize its brand.  Therefore, if you have a project to open a new betting site or are interested in licensing your operation, contact us by clicking here for a free consultation from our specialists. We will analyze your needs in detail to come up with a perfect solution for your business. 

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