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The Curaçao license can be considered the most suitable solution for a new gaming operation as it has a less complex process, a more attractive cost and requires just a few weeks to be issued by the responsible entity.

No, the Curacao gaming license allows you to offer several products under the same license, such as: Sports Betting, Casino, Bingo, Lotteries and Poker.

The license does not have an expiration date, but needs to be renewed annually.

The Curaçao company incorporation is usually done within 10 days. The issuance of a gaming license in Curaçao can take up to 90 days.

The first stage of the licensing process is the company incorporation in Curaçao. For this process the following documents from the company’s shareholders are required:

  1. Shareholders’ certified passport (color copy, good quality and showing all four corners)
  2. Shareholders’ certified second ID
  3. Bank’s reference letter (stating the time of dealing with the bank)
  4. Certified utility bill (electricity, water, landline or fixed broadband internet, credit card bills or bank statements with address)
  5. Criminal record
  6. Shareholders’ CV describing the most recent work experience (CV Linkedin allowed)

For the stage of issuing the gaming license in Curaçao, the following documents are required:

  1. Business plan detailing the project (we provide a template)
  2. Proof of domain ownership
  3. Network diagram
  4. Service Agreement signed with the company responsible for supplying the game platform

In addition to taking care of and expediting all the necessary steps for the licensing of your gaming site, Egaming Curaçao also provides a business consultancy that aims to help clients grow their operations.

In this consultancy, we will help your operation in the following way:

  1. Identification of gaming platforms providers
  2. Platform agreement support
  3. Consultancy for launching your gaming operation
  4. Crypto Casinos development support
  5. Consultancy for startups focused on games
  6. Knowledge about the gambling market

Yes, in order for the Curacao gaming license to be issued, the client must have a service agreement with a gaming platform provider or have their own platform under development.

Yes, the first stage of the process is the company incorporation in Curaçao and at this stage, it is not required to present documents related to the gaming platform.

Yes, the Curacao gaming license can be requested by companies that have contracted the gaming platform with a third-party solution or which have developed their own solution.

Yes, the Curacao gaming license can be issued to companies operating in the B2C and/or B2B markets.

The number of domains that can be registered under the license is unlimited and when issuing the license you can register 2 domains for free. For the registration of more domains, an additional fee will be charged per domain.

No, the Curacao license applies exclusively to Online gaming operations.

We recommend the company incorporation in the UK or Cyprus, being UK due to bureaucratic agility and Cyprus due to tax optimization. It is worth noting, however, that the most expressive part of the taxes will be declared in Curaçao, where the rate is much lower than in any other European country.

It is not necessary to have a company, as individuals can be part of the company’s corporate structure.

The corporate tax rate in Curaçao is 2% over the operation net profit.

Once your gaming site is licensed, you will be able to integrate both payment methods that have a worldwide presence like Astropay, Muchbetter, Neteller, and those that are relevant to local markets.

The costs depend on each PSP and are around 3.5% to 6.5% on deposit, and 0% to 2% on withdrawal, with the fees being less common for withdrawals. PSPs are typically based in the European Union or UK. Even if they are in other jurisdictions they make settlements in EUR for companies in Europe (by SEPA normally).

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